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Free BMW With Every Dubai Apartment Purchase?

Dubai developer offers BMWs with property purchases
Damac revealed that buyers can possess the opportunity to drive a BMW or another luxury car away, every time they buy a property in one of its luxury developments across Dubai.

“ From luxury flats overlooking Dubai Canal to branded residences in Dubai Marina, this offer allows the high-end not only to live, but to drive it too,” said Damac Properties senior vice president Niall McLoughlin.

He noted that typical yields for Dubai real estate stands at seven to nine percent, up two to three percent compared to its matured international counterparts including Paris, New York or London.

In prime places, even a 10-12 percent return isn’t uncommon,” he included.

“With the city’s development increasing, there’s no better time than now to put money into property that’ll show high appreciation in the past few years to come.”

Available until 28 January, the promo was launched as portion of the Dubai Shopping Festival, said Damac in a statement.

While such BMW offer does not present in Singapore, Qing Jian will introduce smart homes next year for the new executive condo, Inz Residence EC which is also well-received in the last EC they sold, The Visionaire EC.

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Stars of Kovan – Love it or Hate it!


Image courtesy from http://www.stars-of-kovan.com.sg

Stars of Kovan is a British-inspired 395-unit mixed development situated at the junction of Tampines Road and Upper Serangoon Road.

Unit sizes range from 1- to 3- strata patio units and bedroom units.

Given it is a project that is leasehold, Stars of Kovan is a comparatively more affordable alternative in comparison with both of the other developments next to it.

Located in the centre of Hougang and Serangoon, it affords residents increased convenience. Residents will have the ability to get anything they want quite readily with having not one, but two recognized estates within short driving distance.

They are going to also have easy access to major expressways and closeness to nearby areas like NEX Mall, Heartland Mall, Hougang Mall and the Kovan eateries. For families with kids, there are several schools ranging from main level to junior college level, nearby.

This is also clear from sales thus far – smaller units have been going quickly.

Stars of Kovan is an excellent choice for families and couples seeking a house. With the variety of property sales on the decrease, and the fact that there are not any other projects nearby TOP ing at or around the time as Stars of Kovan, entering the marketplace now may end up being an excellent move in future.

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Special Condo Facilities – Not the Norm

It’s true that developers are becoming crazy. In real terms, this represents an estimated 26,517 units, a consequence of the bigger amount of finished condominiums came that are that on board last year.

In response to dwindling demand, we’ve found that developers have produce innovative means to bring would-be buyers – from exceptional buying schemes to advertising a particular lifestyle (read here and here).

The shifting desires of property owners

In this situation, advertising occurs when the patterns of the building are invented, and not during the construction period. If you believe it’s just about computing whether an additional tennis court is required or how large the pool should be, it’s more than that. There’s really lots of planning that goes into it – the condominium facilities must fit into the whole theory when it comes to structure and total aesthetics.

Seemingly so. The landscape for condominium facilities is evolving. Gone are the times when the advantages of condominium living simply means having private access to a fitness center and a pool. Now, unless your condo’s pool is not dissimilar to Adventure Cove Sentosa, it is likely that it’ll be indistinguishable from another condominium down the road. The new generation of condominium dwellers needs something similar, though distinct, ushering in the demand for initiation. Looking at the Park Place Residences By Lend Lease, they would probably be also introduce some interesting facilities for the residences, given that JEM was well tenanted.

While being aware of the price of building and the monthly condominium fees the buyer has to endure the developer’s challenge is to addresses this new era of condominium living. They are going to then tailor the creation of these condominium facilities to their perceived interests and the project’s objective demographic.

  • Bowling alley
  • Driving range
  • Concierge services
  • Karaoke rooms

Thinking twice about condominium facilities

If you believe the facilities are the primary reasons why you’re purchasing a condominium, you should be basing your choices on whether you’ll really be using these facilities often in the first place. That equates to around an estimated additional $2,400 – $20,000 every year

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3 Tricks For Home Property Buyers

tips for buy house

There are many things to consider when house-hunting, but what are some of the factors that are most important to evaluate?

1) Avoid the limits

Overall budget and whatever your marital status, you must determine how much you can borrow to finance your purchase. There are a number of on-line calculators you’ll be able to use, including tools like affordability calculator, loan eligibility calculator to get a good idea of what type of house you’ll be able to afford and therefore, the size of the loan for which you’re eligible.

Aside from this, obviously, you’re strongly advised to speak to a mortgage officer at the HDB or your bank, determined by the type of property from whom you prefer to take a loan and you need to buy. Even better, if you’re able to afford it, hire a personal financial advisor. But above all, remember that you simply should at no point borrow to your loan limitation. Some breathing room is essential in case of unforeseen situation that incur added costs.

2) Futureproof, not merely fashionable

While you may be able to afford that stylish two-bedroom apartment with a balcony overlooking the city or the sea, do consider the practicality of this kind of purchase. If, for instance, you are looking to sell the property after several years, you must consider its potential capital appreciation. One method to do so is to have a look at the master plan for the area in which the property is located: odds are that your home will increase appreciably in value, if there are major developments in the locality.

Such a home may not be the most suitable choice, especially when it comes to space, if, on the other hand, you’re planning to have kids. Many Singaporean parents also make it a priority to purchase dwellings near the schools in which they want to enrol their kids.

3) Different as night and day

Your potential house may have seemed great and felt like the right selection when you and your agent visited at 2pm last Sunday, but the same may not hold true at 8pm on a weekday. Since you will be residing there for several years at least, make sure to see the house(s) you’re interested in on distinct occasions: weekends and weekdays, daytime and night.

This will give you a feel of what life will be like in your house of selection and its immediate surroundings. Be it the weather, neighbourhood, or ambience, seeing at different times on different days will allow you to determine all these factors.

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Is UAE a good consideration for a holiday investment home

Those looking to diversify their real estate portfolios into holiday homes should take a hard look at the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Prices have fallen due to oversupply brought about by competitive building from their previous highs, and exchange rates are favourable, with the fall in costs of the UAE’s chief export, oil. Moreover, since the real estate market was liberalised in 2002, foreigners have been able to buy property in the UAE without limitation.


People who have yet to see the UAE’s capital city of Dubai often find it hard to imagine the scale of the building there. It’s frequently jaw-dropping, with a purported third of the world’s building cranes found in the nation. Some of the most remarkable building on earth happens in Dubai, like the archipelago Palm Jumeirah, created by an amazing feat of land reclamation.

The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure right now, is located in the heart of Dubai. A mixed development with offices, retail, restaurants and residences, it was featured in crucial scenes in the 2011 film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Furthermore, the UAE is a haven for shoppers, with no sales taxes on transactions. Both locals and tourists alike get to enjoy tax-free shopping, with many travelers taking advantage of the exchange rates to purchase high-end labels too.

Thrill-seekers also have plenty to appreciate in the UAE. A popular activity many tourists enjoy is to ride in a quad bike, or the sand dunes in a buggy. For the greatest thrill, there’s nothing quite like skydiving jumping out of an airplane and plummeting towards the Palm Jumeirah, before you open and buoys to safety.

For foreigners who want to appreciate the lifestyle that the UAE has to offer, there are a number of holiday homes in the marketplace at this time. As is characteristic of the UAE, many of the homes advertised to foreigners are luxurious villas and high-rise penthouses. However, for people that have deep enough pockets, these items aren’t only a status symbol, but also a great source of capital appreciation.

As expatriates in the gas and oil industry have been hit by the global drop in the commodity’s price rents nonetheless, are on the decline.

Yet, many investors who are looking to monetize their holiday homes regularly turn to short term leases, giving them the flexibility of bringing in rental income when they’re out of town, or using the property as a holiday home. While services like Airbnb were previously illegal, it seems that the UAE has since allowed homeowners to rent out their homes to tourists, if they were to apply for a permit issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

Before you buy a holiday home, it’s best to check out yourself to the location. Plan a flight to Abu Dhabi or Dubai

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