Special Condo Facilities – Not the Norm

It’s true that developers are becoming crazy. In real terms, this represents an estimated 26,517 units, a consequence of the bigger amount of finished condominiums came that are that on board last year.

In response to dwindling demand, we’ve found that developers have produce innovative means to bring would-be buyers – from exceptional buying schemes to advertising a particular lifestyle (read here and here).

The shifting desires of property owners

In this situation, advertising occurs when the patterns of the building are invented, and not during the construction period. If you believe it’s just about computing whether an additional tennis court is required or how large the pool should be, it’s more than that. There’s really lots of planning that goes into it – the condominium facilities must fit into the whole theory when it comes to structure and total aesthetics.

Seemingly so. The landscape for condominium facilities is evolving. Gone are the times when the advantages of condominium living simply means having private access to a fitness center and a pool. Now, unless your condo’s pool is not dissimilar to Adventure Cove Sentosa, it is likely that it’ll be indistinguishable from another condominium down the road. The new generation of condominium dwellers needs something similar, though distinct, ushering in the demand for initiation. Looking at the Park Place Residences By Lend Lease, they would probably be also introduce some interesting facilities for the residences, given that JEM was well tenanted.

While being aware of the price of building and the monthly condominium fees the buyer has to endure the developer’s challenge is to addresses this new era of condominium living. They are going to then tailor the creation of these condominium facilities to their perceived interests and the project’s objective demographic.

  • Bowling alley
  • Driving range
  • Concierge services
  • Karaoke rooms

Thinking twice about condominium facilities

If you believe the facilities are the primary reasons why you’re purchasing a condominium, you should be basing your choices on whether you’ll really be using these facilities often in the first place. That equates to around an estimated additional $2,400 – $20,000 every year